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SchoolMX is a single solution that combines the entire need of a school: E-Admin for school management/administration, E-Learning, E-Library, E-Payment, And Many More.

Robust SuppoRt

With SchoolMX, you enjoy a robust support that keeps your mind at rest and get you focused for greater efficiency


It runs perfectly on any device making it possible for you to use it anywhere anytime


Imagine the computation of the entire school's result in just few hours. That is the power of collaboration in SchoolMX

Real Time Reporting

As the school manager or proprietor, you can have more time to yourself as SchoolMX reports are available in real time, anywhere

Collaboration & Feedback

Engage your staff & parents better and get instant feedbacks when you run SchoolMX

Unparalleled Features Highlight

  • E-Admin

    A fully integrated school management system

  • E-Payment

    Simplified payment of fees from anywhere, at anytime

  • Apps Suite

    Gain access to varieties of third party educational apps that integrate with SchoolMX

  • Feature-rich website

    A professional, easy to update website for the school

  • E-Learning

    The best of Interactive E-Learning Technologies at your fingertip

  • E-Library

    Gain access to soft copy learning materials and save cost

  • Data Services

    Enjoy subsidized internet data subscription while on SchoolMX

  • E-mail Services

    E-mail accounts for the school and staff, at no extra cost.

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Detailed Features - Component Solutions


E-Admin is the component solution that handles school management/administration. It comprises several modules such as: users, enrollment, account, billing, grading, payroll, medical and contact.
The following is a highlight of some of its detailed features:

  • Easily managed student, staff, parent and school data
  • Simplified student admission and enrollment
  • Multi-user ability allows teachers of different subjects/classes work simultaneously and reports become available immediately
  • Assessment/Result processing is done faster and more accurately - can be completed within few hours.
  • Billing setup is simplified and automatic
  • Payment reports are available in real time
  • School Account: Income and Expenditure reports supported
  • Payroll for staff salaries with payslip generation
  • Parents are able to communicate with parents by email, SMS or other means with a single click
  • And so many more to mention


E-Payment Component is used to manage collection of fees through a secure e-payment channel integrated with the E-Admin Billing and Account modules.

School managers automatically receive alerts by email and SMS of every payment made via the E-Payment system. A report of all payments received/logged can be viewed via the E-Payment Component Reporting tool and via the E-Admin Account module making auditing as easy as possible and enhancing accuracy, accountability and transparency.


The E-Learning component, which is of the best world standard, is provided through exclusive partnership between Majadtek Nigeria Company and Dorado Learning LLC., USA, providing one of the largest and most interactive E-Learning contents for students of primary and secondary schools. It has the following modules:

  • World Class Interactive E-Learning Content (SmartSchool 360) covering subjects like
    (English Language, Mathematics, Sciences, Computer, Environmental Sciences) across classes from BASIC I to SS3
  • SmartSchool ExamGuru - Computer Based Test (CBT) Application
  • SmartSchool Teacher Mate – Performance Monitoring/Assessment Reporting Application
  • SmartSchool Studio – Educational Research Application
  • SmartSchool Course Builder Application
  • Classroom control system by the teacher

Sample videos of The E-Learning solution is shown


The E-Library component of the SchoolMX Project is powered on the secure platform of Majadtek Nigeria Company's Virtual Library Project. It allows publishers list their books on the Virtual Library Project digital shelf. Publishers and content developers shall be given access to publish their existing books on the SchoolMX E-library thus making it possible for schools to purchase softcopies of textbooks used for instruction for use on the SchoolMX E-Learning devices without compromising intellectual property ownership and a novel approach to anti-piracy for e-books.

Apps Suite

The Apps Suite component of the SchoolMX Project integrates other educational apps from renowned providers such as Google Apps with other components of the project. This component provides the interface for expanding the SchoolMX with as many other solutions as possible creating an endless possibility of apps and services for users to enjoy.

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Why to 
choose us
  • SchoolMX is all you need for an entire school solution
  • All modules are fully integrated and regularly updated
  • Robust technologies and support services
  • Built with flexibility to suit your school structure
  • Comprises versatile functionalities simplified for use
  • Enhances collaboration between school, staff & parents
  • Provides real time comprehensive analysis & reporting
  • Uses high level security standards, so your data is safe
  • Automatic data back up to forestall data loss


View a demo of the SchoolMX solutions. Click the relevant link below to view

E-Admin E-Learning E-Payment
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